Eventbrite Alternatives

Events Smarter is the best Eventbrite alternative on the market. Events Smarter is a robust one-stop-shop that offers monetizable event branding features. Events Smarter offers customizable event landing pages, organizational dashboards to connect multiple bank accounts, built-in ticket scanning technology available on the Events Smarter app, merchandise fulfillment, monetized proprietary streaming capabilities, Non-fungible token marketplace, ads/sponsorship control, provides access to Google Analytics with Facebook Pixel integration, customer relationship tools such as built in SES/SMS, automated affiliate payments, and take payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency.

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Eventbrite, Cvent, and Ticketmaster Competitors

Events Smarter is the #1 leading competitor to Eventbrite, Cvent, and Ticketmaster. In comparison, Events Smarter pricing is one set fee across the board making Events Smarter more financially friend than Ticketmaster and Cvent and more consistent for the increased features than Eventbrite. Events Smarter does not upcharge for the utilization of its advanced features and functionality.

As the leading competitor, Events Smarter does not advertise other events on other event organizers’ pages thus there is no distraction from potential customers’ sales conversions. Events Smarter initiates funds weekly instead of holding all funds until after the event. Events Smarter fights chargebacks on event organizers’ behalf so they do not have to fight fraudulent consumers on their own. Events Smarter is the #1 alternative on the market and top competitor to Ticketmaster, Cvent, and Eventbrite making Events Smarter the obvious solution for all event organizers.

Ticket Sites

The term “ticketing” itself is archaic, since all the companies that only provide ticketing are now obsolete. True ticketing companies do not exist anymore. Here is what exists:

Marketing Companies: such as Eventbrite & E-TIX
Technology Companies: such as Ticketsocket & Patron
Service Aggregators / SaaS: such as AXS
Banks / Real Estate: such as Ticketmaster & Providence
Ticket Brokers & Re-Sellers: such as SeatGeek & Stubhub

Events Smarter is the Best Place to Buy Tickets

Events Smarter puts the event organizer first by helping them do a better job at putting their audience first. Events Smarter checks all of these boxes and more with innovative solutions establishing itself as the future of event branding technology.

World class Event Tech Robust Fan Analytics Personal Scheduler CRM
Fan Engagement Tools Ticketing Logistics Brand Activations Native Social API's
Mobile Support Business Intelligence Built-in Gamification Built-in CMS & DAM
In-app Surveys Shop & Merchandise Geo-fencing & Targeting Smooth Registration
Badging & Progress Form Abandonment Suggestion Engines Affiliate Marketing

Vimeo Alternative

Events Smarter is the best alternative to Vimeo and a great alternative to Dacast, Zoom, and YouTube. Events Smarter provides the event organizer the ability to monetize virtual meetings, meet-and-greets, online tutorials, masters’ classes, and live streams. Events Smarter allows the organizer to control their own pricing, customer database, and stream to millions of people seamlessly with a user-friendly interface. Events Smarter also provides OBS Tools for more advanced productions.
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Additional Event Benefits

Events Smarter is a true event branding and monetization technology effectively providing digital ticketing, streaming, merchandising, CRM, and blockchain services. Events Smarter is not a ticket exchange or reseller such as Stubhub or Vivid Seats. Events Smarter is a pure efficient system that empowers event organizers whether they are large event companies with many departments or independent promoters, political candidates, or artists.
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EventsSmarter is the #1 Best Ticket and Streaming Alternative